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Production time window (1 week) cannot begin until usable reference images are received.


Don't worry about finding the perfect image. Just send the ones you love! If I'm not confident that any of the photos you uploaded will make a great portrait, I'll quickly respond to ask for more :)


If I do not receive images on the same day you place your order, I will reach out.


Orders that are still lacking usable reference photos after 1 week may be cancelled (refunded less a $15 fee.)


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!



Please upload up to 9 photos which you would be equally happy to have become the main reference image. By offering me a variety, you better enable me pick a photo that both

  • shows the visual information I need (e.g., not blurry) and

  • lets the animal's character shine through

Even the images that I don't select to become the 'main' reference image are still super useful to me! Multiple photos confer a better sense of a pet's personality and physicality. They also help me to fill in any gaps on visual details that may be missing or ambiguous in the main photo.

Upload Image File
Additonal image file
Awesome, more please!
Hooray, again!
Keep 'em coming!
Got any more?
Of course you do!
Okay, last one.

Thank you!


Want to know a secret?

A photo doesn't have to be the best as a photo in order to make a great portrait reference!

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